History of cars from 1940s

The styling of the new cars in this era were mostly dominant with chrome trims on the bumpers,hood and tail lights and usually interior features like the door handles, window knobs and dashboards were finished with chrome add to the 'luxury' of the car.

A Brief History Of Car Colors — And Why Are We So Boring Now?

Brand new features and some existing old features, which were not widely used before had become popular and enhanced the driving experience with features such as Power Assisted Steering, Power Brakes and Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, Automatic Dimming Headlights, Fuel Injection and Retractable Hard Top Roofs. The 60's The new breed of cars in this period were known as 'pony' cars. The flamboyant and extravagance design of the 50's continued into the 60's but then gave way in favour of new fresh ideas.

These were all muscle cars and these were the new cars that were the symbol of speed, power and huge engine size. Many sports car manufacturers used to pit there cars on a track aiming to boost their sales and the most well known and popular track Le Mans, it is still the worlds oldest active race track and it became a common testing track for sports manufacturers. Till the late 60's, Muscle cars or 'pony' cars were the big fashion statements of American car companies. However most of the world continued to move on to much sleeker and composed finishes of the European car manufacturers.

It signalled the decline of American cars. Although U.

How Much Cars Cost In The 40's

S auto industry had bounced back from previous slumps to sell around S auto industry. Influenced by a Pininfarina-bodied Alfa Romeo cabriolet, the A90 was designed to appeal to an American audience. Produced in , the Sunbeam-Talbot 90 was available as a four-door four-light sports saloon or drophead coupe.

The Sunbeam-Talbot 90 had an aura of elegance that was common among many cars of the s. Inspired by the Dolomite Roadster, the car had a sleek body and curves.


Due to the shortage of steel in a post-war world, the car was built from aluminium using rubber press tools. Other Contact Us. Carole Nash.

1940's Collector Cars including Prices

Recommended Classic Car News. Classic Car Guides and Tips. A manually cranked affair, it was available for both the standard "town sedan" and division-window Imperial models.

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There was also a Sixty Special "town car" offered with a painted-metal or leather-covered roof. Just 15 were built; most Sixty Specials were the standard sedan 4, units. Displacing the Series 61 as the most-affordable s Cadillac was the Series 62, another future Cadillac fixture.


Initial offerings were comprised of a coupe, touring sedan, convertible coupe, and convertible sedan on a inch wheelbase. As in later years, the 62 garnered the most sales by far of any Cadillac line.

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The division's V-8 retained monoblock construction unitized block and crankcase , three main bearings with counterweights, and two-barrel downdraft carb.