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Polypropylene should not pill. It is known for good water resistant and color retention. Just tell me which one and I will experiment on your behalf as well. I have two sofas made by England.

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The fabric polyester and polypropylene. It is balling and rolling up. I think this is what you call peeling. The color Is called linen and has a linen look, It is still under manufactures warranty. The manager of the store where I purchased it said to shave the balls. I explained to him that I have two sofas and did not feel comfortable doing so. The manager wants to send a worker from his store to do this. I think a rep from England who lives in my city should present and advise since it is still under manufacturers warranty. Preferably, pick up and let me make another selection with a better quality fabric.

What are your thoghhts? I purchased the furniture in June and within 3 months it started balling. Stick to your guns and try your best to have those two sofas replaced. If you are persistent they are most likely to do it. Shaving will not help because this problem will happen again and again. Good luck!

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Please let me know what happened and post pictures for other people to see. You can even tell them that the problem will be published on my blog if it is not resolved. I am shopping for fabric for redoing our sofa.

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We have hot and long summers and have a rambunctious dog. But will it be too hot? There seems to be some breathability to the weave pattern. Hi Laura, Sorry about the delay. I was away for the holidays. I checked out the fabric and yes, it could be a bit thick for hot summers. But this is not my only concern. I am wondering if it stretches too much. Please ask for a sample and try it. Rub it to see if it forms fuzzy balls- pilling, and also if it stretches.

Also, I am sure you will be able to see if it is going to feel too hot because it might. Hi Marina, We live in hot coastal VA and are looking for durability for pets and good for hot summer. Is this a good choice? Are all polyester fabrics going to be hot? They make poly clothes for exercise for breathability, so I was hoping the same for this furniture upholstery. So far, all three furniture stores have not provided the fabric ratings.

Both Havertys and Lazyboy are a national chain and we did not expect these dealers to give us the run-around. Havertys explained that they have run into problems because the fabric swatch in the store has a different name at the mill but after a week delay they are still pursuing our request.

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The Lazyboy sales rep commented that all of their fabrics are very durable and most likely exceed , double rubs but Lazyboy would not provide the actual ratings on the two fabric that we selected. What do you recommend?

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My next step is to contact upper management at Havertys and Lazyboy. I also plan to leave a very detailed Google review one star out of five. Hi Sue, This is frustrating… What are the specifications for the swatches that you liked. Please give me the list of the swatches for each company.

I will try to help you if it can wait a couple of days. Thank you so much for this article. I have five kids and no pets.

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What are your thoughts? Do they provide a sample of the fabric? That would be your best bet. If they do, try it all different ways. Stretch it, soil it, try to clean it with a bit of water not soaking it, just dabbing. If not, what is the cleaning code? Does it have backing?

Does it stretch a lot? Whatever info you get then you can forward to me.

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Hi Marina, What is the best sofa brand for my living room. I am looking for many many brands and I do not sure what is the better. Your depth of knowledge is just amazing and so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing. I would love to get that information if you could possibly send it to me. I need your help with finding the right fabric to go with my microfiber couch. We have a brown microfiber couch with brown and beige pillows with a slight pattern in the fabric that is very hard to match. Should I try to find chairs in a beige microfiber or a different material?

Thank you. Hi Laura, Thank you for your question.

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  • Not at all. The time of matching is long gone. You can use any fabric with brown microfiber.

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    It will be enough to have even a tiny bit of beige and brown in your chairs for the whole living room upholstery to work. I suggest that you make pictures of it all and send to me here. Great information. Thanks for sharing it. I do have a question. I have been unable to find any information anywhere about it. Do you have any words of wisdom about this fabric? With 2 dogs, a cat and, well, a husband, I am still pushing for leather but the sitting quality of this odd polyester group was extremely good. Hi Kate, The technology is amazing nowadays and this fabric could be very durable and fine.

    Please ask the sales person about this fabric. What is it called?